Saturday, November 14, 2009

All in a Night's work

Last night I did the following:

1. Helped the police in catching a murderer by tricking him into confessing.
2. Got caught in a tidal wave with a 100 other people and swam to safety to an island while taking out teabags from a cardboard box to dip in the sea. (The teabags seemed very important at the time)
3. Warded off a swarm of locust-like birds that were flying low over the sea.
4. Prevented a bunch of people from entering a painted sandcastle (more a sandhouse?) with a blue door. In actuality it was a time machine for the brain that caused you to think backwards.
5. Was pushed in a maze with multiple locked doors and multiple elevators. I found the right one to get out, to only be asked to play hopscotch on a terrace garden before I was allowed to leave. Playing hopscotch on a terrace garden is a difficult task, I tell you.
6. Learnt to hold my breath while sitting on my haunches, and sink to the bottom of a swimming pool for more than 5 minutes using a yogic technique which I am trying really hard to recall now.
7. Demonstrated some very intricate vintage embroidery techniques with big red beads and red thread. The demonstrations were held at the edge of the pool from #6 above, with short breaks when I sank down to the bottom of the pool again for practice.

As you would imagine, I am very exhausted. This weekend shall be spent relaxing after last night's adventures.

1 comment:

mazhalai said...

that is quite a list you have accomplished!
hopefully your weekend was as you wished!