Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Marryin' and Trippin'

A lot has happened since the so-called one year anniversary of the hear-and-dare blog. So here is part of what I have been up to.

Lotstodo and Phaedrus

went on the Great Indian Trip (covering 4 states and a union territory):
2 international flights
7 domestic flights (Indian + US)
3 train journeys
6 jeep journeys

and attended their and Lotstodo's sister's Great Indian Weddings, across three Indian cities:
9 pre and post wedding ceremonies
2 wedding ceremonies
4 receptions and
1 party

not to forget Lotstodo's wonderful friends in the US who threw not 1 but 2 parties for her:
1 bridal shower (Surprise!!)
1 wedding reception in the woods

And then I came back home and went to school the same day and wrote a research(!) report for my advisor. Wedding? What wedding?