Friday, December 15, 2006

Done For

Yesterday, I took, what I think will be my last graded "final exam" ever. And no, I didn't finish with a was more like a whimper. The worst exam I ever took. Made me think of all the exams I had done badly starting, from believe it or not, grade 2, right up to last year, and I could find none to match yesterday's disaster.

So much for quantum mechanics. So much for being terrified of it first, that I dropped it last year. So much for reading as much as I could to get over my fear of the subject. So much for my loving it at the beginning of the semester when it answered many questions I always had, and when it helped me as I prepared and read extensively for my qualifying exams. So much for hating it as the semester progressed, because both the teacher and the book somewhat lost track. The prof rushed at Mach 3 speed, and the book became denser than the Dead Sea. And then yesterday happened. When I was not done with classes, but done for.